What is Card Doctor™?

We have developed a card cover that will take a beating so your plastic cards no longer have to! Made of a specialized film from recycled materials, the Card Doctor™ Card Cover can save you from the everyday hassles of having to replace your ID, credit cards, debit cards and loyalty cards, basically anything with a magnetic stripe. By simply wrapping your cards with our Patent Pending cover, you can extend the life of your cards and no longer have to replace those that wear out before their time through use. When your cover wears out, just remove and recycle it with your other plastics.

Since it is not unheard of for your plastic cards wear out long before their expiration date through everyday use. This is a new solution to an age old problem. Each time you swipe your card through a terminal reader, this product offers 360˚ protection from scratches that can be detrimental to the usefulness of your cards.

Our product is partially made of recycled material and is completely recyclable with your household plastic bottles and the like. You can be rest assured that protecting your card doesn't mean an extra toll on our environment. When your sleeve finally deteriorates, just replace it with a new one without having to replace your card.

You will no longer have to get a new card issued and spend all of that time resetting all of your autopay accounts. You won't be out that time on the phone or in line with your bank or your creditors getting reissued cards. You won't be out that time having new ID cards made for you. This is a perfect alternative to having to replace your card altogether.


How does it work?

Simply follow either the instructions on our main page or those that shipped with your order. Once the sleeve is placed on your card, the functionality is precisely the same. You swipe your card the same as if it was not on there. You'll soon notice that your card is likely more balanced going through point of sale systems that struggled with it before (ie. readers that are used often on a daily basis for an extended period of time). Unfortunately, not all readers are created equal. Sometimes, if there is a reader that struggles to read your card without the sleeve on it, there is always a chance that our sleeve may not help. That is why we have fitted this product with a resealable adhesive strip; so there isn't a huge hassle in the off chance you need to remove it.


How long does it last?

The Card Doctor™ Card Sleeve is dependent on how often you use your cards and how they are stored. The amount of use dictates how fast the sleeve's properties will degrade. We have devised these sleeves from a material that is still thin enough to be read easily by readers. If your card normally takes a great deal of abuse it will wear out faster than if it doesn't. When your card becomes difficult to read at the store, ATM or gas pump, then you'll know it's time to change it. Remember, this product takes on the scratches that your own card would normally be receiving in its "naked" state. Eventually, it will get worn down and need to be replaced. It is time to replace the sleeve when it is completely scratched and showing excessive wear. You will be able to purchase extras in multiple-sized packs here at our site and soon in stores near you.